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Plastic fabrication can be broken down into several different categories provided by Bryton Engineering

Structural plastic fabrication generally refers to air or liquid handling systems, weldments, pipes,tanks, food handling equipment, drip trays, guarding and enclosures, etc. Materials include PVC, CPVC, HDPE, UHMW, Polypropylene, PVDF(Kynar), and Polycarbonate (Lexan). We are specialists in providing these types of components as well as custom designs for customer specific applications.

Plastics have several advantages overtheir metal counterparts. They are much lighter weight, which makes them easier to handle and less costly to ship. Plastics also have significantly better corrosion resistance than metals, better wear rates, and improved impact resistance. They can be fabricated by bending, forming, gluing and even welding. Welded plastics offer excellent design freedoms and like metal welds, plastic welds are actually stronger than the surrounding base materials. This also makes it suitable for heavy duty applications.

We also provide display type plastic fabrications which can be found by clicking the Acrylic Displays tab on the left and you can see more examples of both by looking in our photo gallery.