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Some parts with higher volumes are best suited for injection molding.  This is a process where molten plastic is pressed into a mold under high pressure.  The tool (mold) them retracts releasing the parts.  This is similar to how jello is made, but the cooling time is faster.  Depending on the size of the part, multiple parts can be created with each shot, reducing the overall cycle time even further.  

Our capabilities include press sizes from 25 to 600 tons and shot sizes from 2 to 32 ounces.  We offer materials ranging from commodity/general purpose such as polypropelyne and ABS to engineered materials like Delrin, PET, and nylon.  The use of fillers such as glass fiber, talc and friction modifiers further improves the characteristics of your part.  Today we even offer materials that perform well in critical applications such as high heat, alloy/high strength, food and medical grades.  

Molding is usually reserved for slightly high to very high quantities because the up front cost of the tool can become costly.  Once many parts have been produced, the cost of the tool can be amortized, and it becomes a very cost efficient means to produce components.  A multi-use mold process is also available to reduce tooling costs.  Of course, not every part design or quantity is suitable for this process, so contact Bryton to discuss your application today.